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Mike Newbry

The user comes first.|

I’m a UX Designer. I am an advocate for the user. It’s my job to put myself in the user’s shoes and imagine being handed my product for the first time. Did my product just make their day better or worse?


Since 2014 I’ve worked in SaaS production where I have led projects through the entire product life-cycle. I have experience in all aspects of application design including research, prototyping, user testing, documentation, production and maintenance. I’ve worked as part of a cross-functional team in an Agile, scrum-managed environment.

Managing the Overlap

Great UX Designers are found where the roles overlap. It's knowing how to contribute effectively to both ends of the production without overstepping bounds.

I highly recommend Mike for User Experience and Design. Not only can he produce innovative, intuitive and attractive designs, he also has the willingness and capabilities to learn advanced tools and industries. When working with me on a project at Christopherson Business Travel, he did the design for my project as well as jumped into the code and helped me implement it. I found him always approachable and willing to listen to my technical concerns, and how to best design around them, to produce the best product for our mutual clients.

-Nick Mattasch, Senior Systems Architect

Human Centered Design

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Contextual Inquiry

Data-driven Design

Prototyping & Wireframing

Motion Design

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User Testing

UI Auditing

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Business Analytics

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If experience has taught me anything, it's that no matter how good at design I am (pretty darn good, if I do say so myself), it's not my opinion that matters the most, it's the user's.



When Mike first joined the team he was eager to get to work and quickly raised the bar with his level of work. I was always amazed by his ability to keep simplicity in design yet be able to invoke positive emotions through the user experience.

-Kurt Stauffer, Senior Developer

Development Tools

I'm not a front-end developer. But it sure helps that I can speak their language.



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About Me

My experience in the tech world began in 2009 after graduating with a degree in Mass Communications. Working as a graphic designer and marketing consultant, I quickly found that all of my clients needed new websites. I learned to love HTML and CSS both as a technical tool, and also as an art medium. In fact, I still sometimes prefer to design and prototype using code rather than the “normal” UX tools.

In 2014 I made the leap from web development to software design. I spent five years with Christopherson Business Travel as their small tech division grew from an informal startup to a truly Agile SaaS development company. During that time I learned the nuances of software development, participated in many product life cycles, and honed my skills as a UX designer.

Outside of work I love photography and digital art, turning wrenches on anything that’s loud and fast, and of course spending time with my family.

I'm currently working towards my MBAITM (Business Administration and I.T. Management) and expect to graduate in 2021.